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Why have pests come into my home or place of business?

Infestations are almost always the result of two things: (1) The vermin are attracted to a food source within the structure (2) the vermin are running away from an inhospitable environment toward a friendlier one. In the former case, try not to leave open food and juice containers lying around. Make sure refuse containers are covered. Practice clean sanitation in the kitchen by wiping clean all countertops, brushing crumbs out from below microwave & toaster ovens, and keep floors swept & mopped.
Excessive moisture in a structure can cause mildew to form, attracting certain insects. Everyday household items like newspapers, magazines, and some types of cloth can feed an infestation. Even your own dead skin cells will encourage insects to move in with you. In the second scenario, Mother Nature usually plays a role. As the seasons change and temperatures fall, animals will seek shelter indoors. Heavy rains can flood underground nests, burrows, and colonies, driving pests toward your structure.
Take a moment to examine your building foundation. Look for small cracks and holes. These openings must be sealed. Spend some time in the yard cleaning up dead ground cover, fallen leaves, and thick brush. Closing off all point of entry and clearing away all cover on your property will go a long way toward making bugs feel unwelcome.
Why do I need treatments during the winter?
The popular notion that bugs die off in the winter season is incorrect. During the cold months your home becomes a comfortable option for insects like ants, fleas, Asian beetles, roaches, termites, silverfish & many others. In fact, a lot of bugs depend on your warm home to make it through to spring!
Providing pest control in the winter is just as important as it is any other season. A winter treatment remains effective longer than others because they are subject to less light & weathering. Winter treatments ready your home for the renewed insect activity of spring. Finally, in the winter many customers have their attics & crawlspaces treated as both of these places are favorite nesting spots for creepy crawlies and rodents.
Do large pest control companies have access to stronger chemicals?
Markley's Pest Elimination, Inc. is an Illinois State Licensed "Restricted Use" Pest Management company. That means we are legally recognized by government authorities to safely handle and apply the strongest insecticides available. Some unscrupulous organizations may say they have access to chemicals that are more powerful. Such claims are simply a sales technique and are completely untrue. 
Is there anything I can do to make treatments more effective?
Absolutely. Markley's strategy of Integrated Pest Management requires our technicians and your vigilance. Be aware of sanitation practices, food storage and garbage disposal habits within the structure. Look for any gaps where utility pipes & lines enter the building. Cracks in the foundation should also be noted. As a rule of thumb, if sunlight can pass through the opening, so can an unwanted bug.
Seal wall and foundation cracks. Fill gaps where utility lines meet the building. Drafty windows should be fixed or replaced. Fine mesh screens should cover drains. These measures will not only prevent insects from entering a structure, but will also make the building more energy efficient as well.
Are pesticides safe when applied near pets and children?
Markley's Pest Elimination, Inc. uses only those pesticides certified by the state and federal governments as safe for use near humans and pets when mixed and applied as directed on the product packaging and corresponding Materials Safety & Data Sheets. For baseboard and perimeter treatments it is recommended that the spray be allowed to dry before letting children or animals near the treated areas. Dry time is usually about fifteen minutes depending on environmental conditions. Some treatments do have an odor that can be irritating to sensitive persons. In these cases Markley's Pest Elimination can employ a low-odor alternative that is just as effective at removing infestation. If weather permits, open all windows and doors and turn on any exhaust fans to ventilate the structure. This reduces dry time and disperses any chemical odors.
How soon can I expect to be rid of an infestation?
Every case is unique. Colonies of ants can be large, contain multiple queens, and require several treatments before they have been completely destroyed. A wasp or bee problem, on the other hand, might be taken care of with one visit. Upon inspection, one of our qualified technicians will be able to give you an evaluation.
My house was just treated, why am I seeing more bugs?
It is not unusual for treatments to drive insects from their hiding places and out into the open as treatments trigger their "fight or flight" response. If the insects are behaving in this way, it means that the treatment is working and the pests are as good as dead. It may take up to 3--4 full weeks before the chemical residuals neutralize an entire population.
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