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Below are some of the most commonly reported parasitic insects requiring professional pest elimination. This list is not exhaustive and Markley's Pest Elimination Inc. encourages you to save a specimen for our technicians to identify to ensure your structure receives the correct treatment.
Bed Bugs - Bed bugs are an extremely small insect that feeds on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. They get their name from their preferred habitat but can be found in wall panels, light fixtures and wall switches, furniture and in carpets. Freshly fed bed bugs swell up to three or four times their original size and are markedly red in color.
Bed bugs were nearly eradicated from the United States prior to the federal ban on DDT. Recently bed bugs have experienced a resurgence. They are now common in hotels and hospitals where they are usually carried in luggage, on clothing, and in the hair to their host's residence.
Bed bugs are primarily active at night. Warm carbon dioxide stirrs them into feeding and they follow the trail of the gas until the reach the source. Once on the host, their bites will follow the pathways of the blood vessels. This results in a distincly linear pattern of itchy wounds that are the bed bug's calling card.
Bed bug infestations should be considered extremely serious and must be addressed immediately. Because these insects feed on blood they are capable of transmitting several different diseases. Bed bugs can be dificult to completely remove from a property and doing so may require several treatments. If you think you might have bed bugs, contact Markley's Pest Elimination Inc. at (309) 263-0341 or info@markleyspest.com to schedule a visit from one of our qualified technicians who can examine the structure and provide an estimate for treatment.
Fleas -  Fleas are very small insects that subsist on the blood of mammals and birds. They are commonly brought into the home by pets. A flea sighting is rarely a solitary case. For every flea you see you can be sure there are several dozen more developing somewhere in the home. Fleas are resilient and capable of withstanding extreme environments. They can survive over a year's worth of freezing and their flat bodies make them nearly impossible to crush.
Flea bites can be midly irritating though some individuals are allergic to to the salivas fleas inject. Furthermore, their saliva can harbor microscopic parasitic worms, bacteria and viruses which can be transmitted from host to host.
Fleas have no wings and cannot fly. They move quickly from one location to another by leaping with their powerful hind limbs. Curved hooks at the end of each leg help them fasten their bodies to a host. Once on the host they will look for warm folds on the body, favoring the armpits, groin, and any skin folds around the waist and chest.
Like bed bugs, fleas are a stubborn insect and difficult to completely eradicate from a home. A thorough treatment of the property will be required as is a topical treatment such as Frontline to any effected pets.
Lice -  Lice are extremely small wingless insects that are often found on mammals and birds where they eat dead skin and hair material. They spend their entire lives on their host and cannot survive long once removed. They can cause skin irritation and itching around affected areas and their presence is confirmed by the egg sacks (called "nits") they glue on the hair near the root.
Most lice do not pierce the skin to ingest blood. They are not known to carry disease. They are also not a symptom of poor hygiene. One of the best ways to remove head lice is to soak the hair completely in olive oil. Head lice breath through tiny openings on their bodies. Oilive oil will clog these openings, killing the lice. Head lice are capable of living for many hours without oxygen however. Death from smothering with not be instant.
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