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Markley's Pest Elimination Inc. proudly uses the following products:

***Please note that Markley's Pest Elimination, Inc. uses only those chemicals certified by state and federal authories as safe for use around humans and pets. All Markley's Pest Elimination Inc. technicians are professionals trained in the correct and safe application of the following products. Product websites (when available) can be accessed by clicking on the product logo or name.
Termidor is an advanced undetectable liquid technology. That means that termites and ants cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid it. Instead they contact, ingest and share Termidor, completely unaware that doing so will inevitably kill them. 
Tengard SFR One-Shot 
Tengard SFR provides fast, effective and long lasting control for over 75 different types of pests both indoors and outdoors. Tengard SFR is a professional-grade low-odor product. More homes are treated with Tengard SFR by professional pest elimination companies than any other product.
MasterLine is the most effective pesticide application for environments that require absolutely no residual odors. This product is ideal for commercial applications including hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care facilities, restaurants and residential environments where people particularly sensitive to chemical odors reside.
Contrac Rodenticide
Contrac Rodenticide is an all-weather granular mouse and rat bait formulated with an optimal blend of food grade ingredients and low wax to yield a highly palatable, weatherable bait that is very attractive to rodents. The bait can be placed in tamper-resistant bait stations to protect pets and other non-target animals.
BORiD Pest Powder
BORiD Pest Powder is a completely natural and long-lasting pest elimination treatment that is continuously effective as long as it remains dry. Mined from the Mojave Desert in California, this inorganic compound is nature's proven insecticide. BORiD Pest Powder is effective against self-grooming insects like roaches, fleas, palmetto bugs, waterbugs, ants and silverfish. BORiD's electrostatically charged dust particles cling to the insect on contact. During grooming activities the particles are ingested and act as a stomach poision. BORiD is non-flammable and stainless.
Phantom Termiticide / Insecticide
Phantom Termiticide / Insecticide is an indoor / outdoor treatment that kills termites, ants and cockroaches through a powerful, non-repellent ingredient. Pests cannot detect Phantom and crawl through it, taking the chemical to their colony and killing all insects they come into contact with. Phantom is virtually odorless, clear in color, and provides a superior treatment with a long-lasting residual.
optigard FLEX Liquid
Optigard FLEX Liquid is a non-repellent insecticide that is active against pests by both contact and ingestion. It is particularly effective against social insects like ants but can be used to eliminate a variety of nuisance pests such as cockroaches, beetles, earwigs and box elder bugs. Optigard can be applied as a perimeter band, a spot spray, a mound drench, and to voids. It may also be applied to trees and shrubs to control honeydew producing insects that ants use and a primary food source.
Liqua-Tox II
Liqua-Tox II is a liquid concentrate rodenticide noted for its outstanding rodent acceptance by Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice. Liqua-Tox II is an exceptional product when conditions are dry and there is little liquid available. Liqua-Tox II works because rodents need water daily and will drink liquids where they are available.
InVade Bio Foam is a concentrated foaming microbial / citrus liquid that cuts through the mold and fungal scum in areas where flies feed. The treatment also stops fly breeding where applied and residuals will prevent further breeding over time. InVade Bio Foam is particularly effective against fuit flies, drain flies and phorid flies for commercial environments.
RIPTIDE Waterbased Pyrethrin
RIPTIDE Waterbased Pyrethrin delivers effective pest elimination without oil residues and oil-related issues. RIPTIDE's water-based technology is easy on household plants and gardens.
demon WP
Demon WP is an excellent professional pesticide effective against Ants, Carpenter Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets, Spiders and a variety of other problem pests.  
Talstar Granules
Talstar Granules are an odorless, water-activated outdoor pest elimination treatment that provides between 2--4 months of residual control against Ants, Crickets, Ticks, Fleas, Millipedes and Sow Bugs. Talstar Granules are usually applied by hand in a perimeter band but can also be applied to entire lawns. The granules can also be used as an effective treatment in moist crawlspaces. Because rainfall dissolves and disperses Talstar, it is an ideal outdoor pesticide for wet weather conditions.
Talstar Granules are safe to apply around non-target animals like birds, reptiles, dogs and cats.
MAXFORCE Roach Gel Bait & Fly Spot Bait
MAXFORCE creates some of the finest pest elimination technologies available today. MAXFORCE Roach Gel Bait is safe for residential and commercial application and is effective against all roach species. Upon consumption, roaches will defecate the poision for other roaches to ingest. When they die, their carcasses are also poisioned. One application can result in over one-thousand roach deaths.
MAXFORCE Fly Spot Bait uses a reproductive pheremone to draw the flies to areas of application. Once ingested death is almost instantaneous. After drying the chemical retains its toxicity for several weeks resulting in the elimination of several dozens of flies.  
Drione Powder 
Drione Powder is a non-staining low-odor insecticide dust designed for use in homes, institutions, food plants, and granaries. The dust provides quick elimination of ticks, ants, roaches, silverfish, bedbugs, fleas, mites, lice, bees, and numerous other stored product pests.
Drione Powder is extremely safe around non-target animals and can be applied directly to dogs and cats as a flea powder. The dust remains extremely effective as long as it remains dry. 
Gentrol IGR
Gentrol belongs to a class of pesticides known as Insect Growth Regulators. Growth regulators contain a synthetic hormone that prevents the insect from reaching adulthood, thereby preventing reproduction. Growth regulators will also keep an insect from molting. As the internal anatomy of the pest continues to develop, a new exoskeleton will not form. For this reason insects exposed to IGRs will appear deformed. Once this degree of exposure has been acheived, the infestation will not survive much longer. Gentrol is effective against most pests but works particularly well for fleas and roach infestations.


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